Applying Professional Kanban Training

➡️ Next public class date:

🗓️ April 15th-18th 2024

🕐 3 hours per day (17:00-20:00 GMT)

📍 Virtual Class over Zoom & Mural

💳 Price: $1099

Applying Metrics for Predictablity

➡️ Next public class date:

🗓️ Feb 27th - 1st Mar 2024

🕐 3.5 hours per day (17:00-20:30 GMT)

📍 Virtual Class over Zoom & Mural

💳 Price: $1199

Feedback from students...

"Made the course very interactive and easy to comprehend the concepts. Challenged us to think and be very involved throughout. His style of delivery was uncannily effective. Ez made the course seem like an intellectual discussion rather than a "death by powerpoint" experience."

"Ez's gentle guiding through the principles of Kanban didn't just hand it down to us as the only correct way to do things, but rather left enough room for us to perform some thought experiments in relation to how we work and what we can do with this new knowledge going forward. Definitely would do this again in hindsight."

"The reason I set this up for the team is I wanted everyone to see for themselves that we can work more efficiently. I was trying to avoid forcing these changes. We hit the nail on the head here."

"The team had a really good time in the class thanks to Ez. I was afraid that the training sessions would be dry and folks would eventually go off multitasking - this wasn't the case. The feedback from across the team is that this session was eye-opening."

"If you're interested in Kanban, then this is course for you. I've done several and this by far the best one by a mile."

"Really great training, plenty of moments for conversation and deeper dives."